Music Therapy

Music Therapy

I offer individual and group sessions for a range of client groups, though I specialise in working with children and young people with disabilities and additional needs.  

I also have experience working with children and adolescents facing a range of challenges, including emotional and behavioural difficulties, trauma and abuse, anxiety, depression and mental health issues.

My approach is very much client-centred and I will plan a treatment approach and activities depending on the needs of the client, though I always leave plenty of space for spontaneity within sessions as well.  I believe that creativity and the ability to express ourselves and be heard are fundamental to our health and I aim to support and enable this for all my clients.

Sessions and client communications are kept confidential at all times and I adhere to the CAMT Code of Ethics.

Session costs will vary depending on a number of factors, so please get in touch for a quote.  As a general guide on costs, the Music Therapy Association of British Columbia recommends fees upwards of $60/hour for private practice, and upwards of $50/hour for contract work.  

Individuals and organisations may also be eligible to apply for funding from a number of non-profit organisations.  Please get in touch if you'd like advice, support or further information on funding.